Why Interactive Email Content Always Wins

Automatically adjusting your email content to fit the needs or wants of the end-user is the ultimate personalization hack, and admittedly, simple to implement. Find out why interactive email content delivers the ideal customer experience everyone is looking for.

After reading our last post on personalization, you know the scale of how important it is towards achieving your desired marketing ROI and business growth.

Otherwise known as “one-to-one” marketing, personalized marketing is an approach whereby companies conduct data-analysis and leverage technology platforms in order to provide individualized messaging and custom offerings to current customers or subscribers.

In the last article we mentioned dynamic retargeting, automations, and more tools to achieve personalization; one tool we specialize in at Inbox Marketer is interactive email content, which is one of the best tools to achieving personalization, improving engagement and open rates in email marketing.

Essentially, interactive emails allow us to adjust the content delivered, on-the-fly, to meet customers’ ideal experiences. In the current marketing ecosystem, customers truly want the right message, in the right context, at the right time: interactive email content delivers just that.

Here are a few ways you can leverage the power of interactive emails in order to achieve personalization and improve email engagement:

Dynamic Countdown Clock

For customers, the benefit of personalization is simple: delivering the right message, in the right context, at the right time.


Marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized experiences. – Monetate

Many eCommerce clients leverage dynamic content within their email marketing to drive massive engagement and conversions, especially to refill or renew on products.

Another great mechanism for driving eCommerce success in email marketing is by implementing a dynamic countdown clock for (flash) sales with a deadline – all within the context of a single campaign.

Device Detection

Customers make their buying decisions across multiple devices and platforms, so it’s crucial that your messaging exists at multiple touch-points.

Device detection within emails allows you to optimize your content for the device being viewed; if you’re reading this, you’ve likely had situations where content on a landing page or email become skewed and interrupt the UX when scaled to a mobile interface, thereby reducing your capacity to engage.


By tailoring messages to the specific device used, you increase the likelihood of conversions from a customer standpoint by reducing the steps necessary for end-users to get to their end-goal. Additionally, you can leverage mobile apps to enhance the user experience and better direct the customer journey.

Image Carousels

In terms of value proposition, your campaign results are better off with a singular call to action that reduces complexity for end-users. However, providing multiple pathways to achieve that call to action and emphasize the value of your offer is beneficial as a marketer.

By providing an image carousel, you reduce the risk of “what if this wasn’t the particular product/service I was looking for?”. Image carousels are interactive ways of providing multiple options to end-users. Image carousels ensure that recipients can receive varying offers and entice hourly specials, limited time deals, and other promotions.


Live Shopping Cart

A typical customer journey involves opening up a brand-related email, clicks-through on a “Shop Now” link,  proceeds to their cart, and goes through with a purchase.

What if you could have the customer complete their entire journey within the email itself? Combined with the power of abandoned cart automations to recapture otherwise lost purchases, live shopping carts within emails are a great feature for improving eCommerce conversions by reducing the complexity and number of steps taken to purchase a product or service.


Similar to the best landing pages, the best results for signups, purchases, and click-throughs happen when there are the fewest steps involved with achieving a value proposition.

Key Takeaway

How will you implement interactive email content within your email marketing? Whether it’s a countdown timer for your next flash sale, or image carousels of your latest products to show new releases, interactive email content will help push your email success to the future. For more information on how to implement it, contact us today.