The One Thing You Couldn’t Live Without

Inbox Marketer wouldn’t exist without our eclectic, hilarious, and hard-working staff. That said, we were curious: What’s the one thing our employees couldn’t live without during their work day?

“This framed photograph of Chad Kroeger. He is beautiful.”

Everyone has their thing that keeps them going throughout the day; Inbox Marketers are no different. We’re an office full of the most interesting, hilarious, and hard-working individuals you could imagine, so naturally, everyone has their quirks and go-to’s for a successful day.

From our software developers to our data strategists, account executives, email deployment specialists and graphic designers, everyone has their one thing they couldn’t live without at the workplace, be it a tool, a person, or coffee.

If you’ve read the last posts on our blog, we talk about everything from
mobile marketing, to design trends, to the power of marketing automation for your business. We thought we’d deviate from our usual material to take a chance to celebrate the quirks of the people who make Inbox Marketer what it is – our employees.

We asked a few of our Inbox Marketer’s about the one thing they couldn’t live without at the workplace – and why. Some of the answers were delightfully surprising (yes, a framed picture of Chad Kroeger was part of an answer); read more below!


Karen Connelly, Senior DevOps Engineer

“I love my automatic, height-adjustable desk! It helps combat long hours of computer work by standing occasionally without affecting productivity. It shows that Inbox cares about employee well-being!”

Corey Dolan, IT Technician

“A part of what makes a small business like this tick is it’s heart, no pun intended. We all come together to make this place work. It’s a true family. If it didn’t have the family atmosphere that it does, Inbox would not be what it is today.

I’ve worked in larger corporations and as much as they tried making people happy, they were missing that atmosphere. They were missing the heart.”

Aidan Masterton, Account Executive

“As cheesy as it sounds, I would have to say my team. We work so well together and they make everyday here so fun! Life would be extremely quiet and boring without my fantastic team! 🙂

Also, my framed picture of Chad Kroeger. He is beautiful.

Connor Godfrey, Account Executive

“Is it too cheesy to say my team? I mean specifically with my team, I find that we are all friends and not just work people. We actually all hang out after work as well, which is sweet because it allows us to be really open with each other inside the workplace.”

Lindsay Chomitz, Senior Graphic Designer

“I’d say the location (Downtown Guelph). It’s in such close proximity to everything and it’s nice knowing I can always run out to grab a bite to eat.”


Peter Awad, Customer Success Specialist

“Besides wanting quality coffee, I love the whiteboard walls. I’m the type of person who thinks better with a Dry-Erase marker in my hand. It fuels the creative side of my brain. Also good internet, awesome playlists, and comfortable work spaces!”


Ali Jukes, Executive Coordinator

“I now couldn’t live without the portable sit/stand desktop unit. It really is the best little invention that gives me the option not to be sitting all day.”

Andrew Keith, Technical Project Manager

“I’d have to say my standing desk – now that I have one, I don’t think I could live without it!”

Susan Arts, Account Director

“I just love the vibrant, youthful energy of the culture. I love the fact that Inbox is filled with smart, young and capable team members who work hard but believe in regular play time too.”

Moral of the story:
Standing desks, coffee, whiteboards and most importantly, a great team are the primary things that enable us at Inbox Marketer to achieve success. Our employees are what makes Inbox Marketer great.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without at your workplace? Let us know!