Enterprise Power at a Local Level

A multi-user email platform that provides your branch offices, franchisees, or employees in the field with the ability to send customized emails while ensuring corporate branding consistency.


  • Permissioned-based access and reporting
  • Advanced reporting to effectively track results and adjust your email strategy
  • Custom-built responsive templates
  • Ability to deliver pre-approved content for brand control
  • Opt-in/opt-out form creation and management
MultiPoint Campaign Overview

With MultiPoint, your company representatives are able to take corporate approved email templates and personalize them for a more individual approach. Ideal for companies with multiple locations, branches, as well as chain restaurants, hotels, and banks.


  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of emails sent from employees in the field
  • Protect your brand and corporate image
  • Personalize your message with easy segmentation
  • Centralized contact management
  • CASL compliance
MultiPoint Reporting

We’ll show you how MultiPoint can help your business.

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