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A brilliant marketing platform for email.

Segmentation & Targeting

Simple, fast, accurate and secure.

CONNECT is the self-serve platform you’ve been waiting for. Quickly and easily manage high volume campaigns while ensuring your message lands in the Inbox, not the Junk folder.

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Smarter For You

Dynamic personalization and drag and drop segmentation ensure you’re targeting your customers with relevant content to enhance the customer experience.

List Management

Send emails, automatically,
at the right time.

Personalized, triggered emails receive some of the highest open and click through rates – be confident that you’re engaging your subscribers right away.


Reports in real time;
measure success as you go.

See where your customers have clicked, when they viewed your email, and the best ways to target them in real time. CONNECT has six layers of reporting, allowing you to see trends and changes to continually improve your campaigns.

Device Tracking

Device Tracking

Optimize your email programs and testing efforts based on your subscribers’ device and email client. Understand your device readership through the Device Tracking dashboard.

Active/Inactive Reporting

Active/Inactive Reporting

Find out which subscribers are opening and clicking on your emails. This helps you identify what is resonating with your active subscribers and highlights those who aren’t engaged so you can create a strategy for activating them again.

360 Degree Customer View

360 Degree Customer View

Dive into true personalization by getting to know your subscribers better. The 360 Degree Customer View benchmarks a specific individual against your list average. This creates the opportunity to find out what is resonating with your very active email subscribers.

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