Interactive Email Content

Bring email personalization to a whole new level.

Automatically adjust your message content to deliver the most ideal customer experience.

Dynamic Countdown Clock

Something big is coming!

  • Create a sense of urgency by displaying exactly how much time remains for the offer period.
  • Build excitement before an event, for a product launch, or nearing the end of a limited time sale.

Device Detection

Create an unparalleled user experience

  • Tailor content on the fly by detecting the device being used.
  • Increase conversions by reducing the number of clicks required for a customer to take advantage of offers.
  • Leverage mobile apps to enhance the user experience.

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Enhance Time Sensitive Offers

  • Adjust offers based on when emails are opened by your customers.
  • Ensure email recipients receive varying offers based on when they open the email.
  • Entice hourly specials, limited time deals, get them before they’re gone promotions, and much more.

Scratch & Win

Amplify interest with “Thrill of the Deal!”

  • Create interactive and fun campaigns that compel customers to engage.
  • Perfect application for bonus offers, giveaways, and loyalty programs.

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