Analytical Marketing Services

Understand exactly what’s working – and what isn’t. Find the insights in your data that allow you to achieve positive results and improve your ROI.

KPI Attribution Analysis

Is your email program helping drive bottom line results? Ever wonder what the value of an email address is? Our team can help answer these questions and more with a series of analysis and checks to provide direction and determine the value of your email programs.

Competitive/Benchmarking Analysis

Gain significant insights into how your email metrics stack up against your competitors and the industry averages. A competitive analysis will provide you with ways to differentiate and stand out from your competitors while ensuring you follow best practices.

Messaging Science

Is your design engaging enough? Test your creative before hitting send. Understand what your customers really see and how they interact. Let us provide you with an objective analysis that will get you the most out of your creative and increase engagement.

Frequency, Timing, & Touch Point Analysis

Are you sending too many or too few emails? Do you know when is the best time to send a message to your customer? Find that optimal mix with a detailed Touch Point Analysis which will answer these questions and more.

Acquisition & List Growth Analysis

Determine the quality of your email leads and learn how to optimize your acquisition tactics. Let us analyze your current tactics looking at cost, quality, and optimal volume to provide you with a better understanding of the issues and opportunities available.  

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