CASL – Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

What is CASL?

CASL is Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation which establishes rules for the sending of Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs) and prohibits the unauthorized alteration of transmission data. CASL requires that a certain level of consent (either Express or Implied) is obtained and maintained between consumers and businesses in order to send CEMs.

Does CASL affect me?

CASL applies to all CEMs that are sent from or sent to Canadians. This means that even if you are a business based outside of Canada, CASL regulations apply to the emails you send to Canadians.

CASL Compliance

There are three primary rules to be cognisant of when ensuring compliance.

  • You may only send emails to those people who have given you express or implied consent.
  • Messages that are sent must identify the sender(s) and provide contact information.
  • The unsubscribe option must be clear and prominent, able to be readily performed and accomplished at no cost to the customer.

CASL Audit & Compliance Monitoring

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Requirements for Express Consent

When acquiring Express consent from an email subscriber your Subscribe Page/Form must include:

  • Company postal address & either phone number OR web address OR email address
  • A link to the company Privacy Policy
  • A statement indicating that a recipient can unsubscribe at any time

**The information provided here does not substitute a legal opinion.

CASL Services

Inbox Marketer can provide you with a comprehensive CASL audit that reviews your organization(s) for gaps where you may be vulnerable for fines. In order to support you long term as well, we can provide ongoing compliance monitoring, to ensure that you have implemented requirements consistently and accurately over time.

CASL Two Years Later: What Have We Learned?

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